The Witte Lectures

The Witte Lecture Committee has worked diligently to select the most fascinating, compelling, award-winning, experts in their chosen fields. With the support of faithful sponsors –– both business partners and generous community members –– the main source of funding, this gem of a program continues. Ticket sales supplement these sponsorships, but they only cover a small portion of each event. Since there is no NBPL or NBPLF budgeted funding for this series, generous donors are the sole funding source. Please consider becoming a donor at any level to help sustain these priceless lectures.

The 22nd Witte Lectures season concluded successfully. Information regarding the 23rd season is forthcoming.

MISSED A LECTURE: Videos and/or podcasts of the presentations are available online at: Click here for podcasts    Click here for videos
Please note not all presentations are available online due to individual speakers’ permissions.

The Steve Lopez program on January 25, 2018 was videotaped; available to Library Foundation members.

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Speaker Archive

The Witte Lectures Committee

Janet Hadley, CHAIR
Karen Clark
Lisa Edwards
Diane Hafer
Signe Keller
Gordon McAlpine
Mark Murray
Ellen Shockro
Jene Witte
Lizanne Witte