Library Live Programs

April 2020
Steven Rowley

February 2020
Helen Zia

November 2019
Dibi and Herbie Fletcher

October 2019
Allison Davis Maxon, M.S., LMFT and Sharon Kaplan Roszia, M.S.

March 2019
Susan Orlean Video

February 2019
Rachel Devlin Video

November 2018
Jonathan Bloom Video

October 2018
Dr. Serge Dedina Video

April 2018
Colson Whitehead

February 2018
Gary Taubes Video

January 2018
Steve Lopez

November 2017
William Finnegan

September 2017
Andrew Tonkovich & Lisa Alvarez Podcast

May 2017
Stephanie Danler Podcast Video

January 2017
Viet Thanh Nguyen Podcast Video

December 2016
Kevin Naughton & Craig Peterson Podcast Video

November 2016
Emily St. John Mandel

October 2016
Sebastian Smee Podcast

April 2016
Jessica Knoll Podcast Video

March 2016
Les Standiford Podcast Video

March 2016
Jeffery Deaver Podcast Video

February 2016
Daniel James Brown

November 2015
Phil Klay Video

October 2015
Maz Jobrani Podcast Video

September 2015
Marie Mutsuki Mockett Podcast Video

June 2015
Anne Perry

April 2015
Joyce Carol Oates

March 2015
Jack Miles Podcast

February 2015
Sandra Tsing Loh Podcast

October 2014
James Ellroy

June 2014
Graeme Simsion Podcast

May 2014
Lynn Ingram Podcast

March 2014
Mona Simpson Podcast

February 2014
Katherine Boo

November 2013
Peggy Hesketh Podcast

October 2013
James Howard Kunstler

September 2013
Jonathan Kirsch Podcast

June 2013
Lauren Weisberger Podcast

March 2013
Deborah Landis Podcast

February 2013
Dr. Hans Keirstead Podcast

November 2012
Tatjana Soli

October 2012
William Mann Podcast

October 2012
Erwin Chemerinsky Podcast

September 2012
Kati Marton Podcast

September 2012
Erik Larson Podcast

June 2012
Greg Gorman Podcast

March 2012
* Steven Levy

February 2012
* Robert D. Kline

November 2011
Stephanie McClellan, M.D. Podcast

September 2011
Lisa See Podcast

September 2011
Shawn Green In conversation with Jean Hastings Ardell Podcast

April 2011
Katie Arnoldi

April 2011
Peter Stekel

February 2011
Susan Vreeland Podcast

December 2010
Andrew Winer Podcast

October 2010
Meghan Daum Podcast

September 2010
Eleanor Coppola with Deborah Landis Podcast

June 2010
Tatjana Soli Podcast

May 2010
Victoria Patterson

May 2010
Mary Beebe and Alexis Smith

April 2010
Gordon McAlpine, Robert Ward & Mary Castillo Podcast

November 2009
Lisi Harrison

October 2009
Nicholas Kristof

October 2009
Allegra Huston Podcast

September 2009
Richard Seff Podcast

September 2009
Bob Smiley Podcast

September 2009
Lynda Resnick Podcast

April 2009
Franz Wisner Podcast

March 2009
William Lobdell Podcast

March 2009
Peter Greenberg Podcast

March 2009
Drs. Julie and Michael VanRooyen Podcast

January 2009
Michelle Latiolais Podcast

December 2008
Steven Thomas Podcast

November 2008
Sandra Tsing Loh Podcast

October 2008
Bill McKibben Podcast

June 2008
Lauren Weisberger

May 2008
Ray Bradbury

April 2008
Dr. James B. Pick

February 2008
Stan Chambers

November 2007
William Mann
Tony Kushner

October 2007
Katharine Weber

September 2007
Kirwan Rockefeller, Ph.D.

September 2007
Peggy Strong

June 2007
Susan Vreeland

May 2007
Larry Berman

April 2007
Emily Wu & Larry Engelmann

April 2007
John J. Gobbell

March 2007
Craig Smith

November 2006
Scott Turow

October 2006
Peter Greenberg

September 2006
Carolyn See

May 2006
Barry Siegel
Thomas Cole Edwards

April 2006
Joshua Wolf Shenk

March 2006
Lisa See
Jonathan Kirsch

February 2006
Walter Cruttenden
Trudi Alexy

January 2006
Barbara deMarco-Barrett

November 2005
Judy Flynn

October 2005
Dr. James Pick
Jonna Doolittle Hoppes

September 2005
Michael Kimmelman
Wes "Scoop" Nisker
Quang Pham

May 2005
Francine duPlessix Gray

March 2005
Frank Rich

January 2005
James Hall & T. Jefferson Parker

October 2004
Victor Davis Hanson

September 2004
T.C. Boyle
Stephen Bauer
Peter Greenberg
Hunter Drohojowska

June 2004
David Brooks

March 2004
George Anders

February 2004
Dr. Leonard Shlain

January 2004
Al Martinez

October 2003
Caroline Alexander

September 2003
Nathan Gephard & Mike Marriner

April 2003
Dr. Atul Gawande
Nigella Lawson
Douglas Brinkley

March 2003
Col. David Hackworth

February 2003
Cai Emmons

January 2003
Wendy Wasserstein

October 2002
Charmaine Craig

April 2002
Avivah Zornberg

February 2002
Calvin Trillin

Fall & Winter 2001
Ross King
Mary Maynard
Adrienne Sharp

April 2001
William Least Heat-Moon

March 2001
David Brooks

January 2001
Michael Lewis

November 2000
Dava Sobel

April 2000
Fourth Annual Poetry Festival

February & March 2000
Margot Livesey
Maureen Stout

October - December 1999
Julius Shulman
Suzanne Muchnic
Dominick Dunne
Nathaniel Branden

April 1999
Third Annual Poetry Festival
Lesley Stahl

December 1998
Sharon Wohlmuth & Carol Saline

November 1998
David Mas Masumoto

October 1998
Lucille deView

May 1998
Gregory Benford

April 1998
Second Annual Poetry Festival

February 1998
Frances Mayes
Marjorie Luesebrink

December 1997
Susanne Pari

November 1997
David Hackworth
Susan Dworkin

September 1997
Frances Kroll Ring

May 1997
Linda Yablonsky

April 1997
First Poetry Festival

February & March 1997
Wilton Barnhardt
Gordon McAlpine

November 1996
Judy Rosener

October 1996
Nancy Jo Hoy

July 1996
Michael Joyce & Carolyn Guyer

June 1996
Daniel Duane

April & May 1996
Jane Smiley
Victor Villasenor
Richard Selby
Geoffrey Wolff

Fall 1995
Lisa See
Irwin Gellman
John Gobbell
Jay Gummerman