Endowment Fund

A source of ongoing support, the Endowment Fund is held in perpetuity and managed by Canterbury Consulting, Inc. of Newport Beach, CA. The experienced management group is dedicated to helping the Foundation meet its investment objectives.  The Library Foundation’s Finance Committee meets with Canterbury Consulting quarterly to review the performance of each asset class.  Each year, the Library Foundation withdraws a portion of the total interest earned on the Endowment Fund - approximately five percent of the fair market value.  That sum is given to the Library for its greatest needs and programs.  Growing the Endowment Fund is a key objective of the Library Foundation to ensure long term protection for the Library system.

A Variety of Options for Giving

The Newport Beach Public Library Foundation accepts your contributions in a variety of forms including cash, securities, real estate, personal property, life insurance, bequests, trusts or annuities. Please consult with your attorney or tax advisor first to find out the most beneficial means of contributing to your community through the Library Foundation. You may be able to realize substantial tax savings for yourself, your family and future heirs.

Stock Transfers

The Foundation accepts shares of stock which are sold upon receipt and directed to the Annual Fund, Endowment Fund or restricted in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Wills and Living Trusts

One of the easiest ways you can contribute a planned gift to the library is by leaving a portion of your estate to the Foundation or by naming it in your will or trust. You can substantially reduce the amount of your estate tax by specifying a percentage of your estate, donating a block of stock or simply contributing a fixed sum of money.

Retirement Plan Contributions

You can contribute a portion of your assets from your 401(k) or other qualified retirement fund to support the library and those special programs close to your heart. You can plan to give a fixed sum during your lifetime or bequest it as part of your will.