Corporate Giving

Charged with delivering value for both business and society, today's companies must manage a broad array of activities and goals.  The Newport Beach Public Library is a core educational and cultural institution in the greater Newport Beach area, and a natural place for any socially-minded corporation to align. The Pew Research Center released results in 2013 from a comprehensive national study on library use.  Ninety-six percent of the Americans responding to the Pew survey agreed that public libraries are important because they provide tech resources and access to materials, and the same number found libraries because they promote literacy and a love of reading

The Library Foundation should be considered for any coherent corporate social responsibility strategy that aligns social and educational efforts with the business purpose and values of your company, and takes into account the potential for positive social, educational and economic outcomes.

We are here to discuss the many programs and projects at the Newport Beach Public Library that would align with your corporation’s objectives.  Customized recognition can take many forms including naming an area in the Central Library or a signature program. 

For information on making a corporate contribution of any kind, please call Tracy Keys at 949.717.3890 or e-mail