Medicine in Our Backyard

Join us for the continuation of this popular series featuring internationally known UC Irvine Health physicians who will discuss research and cutting edge technology in their various fields of expertise.


  • 6:30pm doors open
  • 7:00–8:00pm lecture, Q&A
  • 949.717.3818
  • Newport Beach Central Library
  • No charge to attend

November 26, 2018

Speaker: Shaista Malik, MD
Title: Activating Resiliency Against Stress, Inflammation, and Heart Disease

Dr. Malik is the founding Executive Director of the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute and the founding Associate Vice Chancellor, Integrative Health, of the Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences.   She is also the Medical Director of the Preventive Cardiology, Cardiac Rehab, and Women’s Heart Disease programs at UC Irvine.

January 28, 2019
Speaker: Howard Federoff, MD
Title: Biomarkers and Drug
Repositioning for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Dr. Howard Federoff made international news in 2014 after he led a team of researchers in designing a blood test that predicted the development of Alzheimer’s disease with 90 percent accuracy. He will discuss this groundbreaking discovery and new advances in Alzheimer’s disease research.

February 25, 2019
Speaker(s): Kenneth Chang, MD and Brian Smith, MD  
Title: Chronic Heartburn? Painful GERD? Get relief from UCI Health experts

Do you suffer from chronic heartburn or painful regurgitation of stomach acid? Our UCI Health esophageal disease specialists at the UCI Health Comprehensive Heartburn Center can provide the most complete evaluation, proactive care and innovative treatments to dramatically lessen your symptoms, or eliminate GERD altogether.  Dr. Chang and Dr. Smith will discuss an array of minimally invasive, Food and Drug Administration approved treatments to match your needs and diagnosis.

March 25, 2019
Speaker: Marcela Dominguez, MD
Title: Bioidentical Hormonal rRestoration

Dr. Dominguez will discuss Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration and the latest information to keep you feeling youthful and preventing future illness. This lecture will explore the foundations of healthy bio-identical hormone restoration to maximize your quality of life and prevent significant illness.

Dr. Dominguez is one of a handful of doctors in the country who is an expert in combining western and alternative therapies to provide state of- the-art bioidentical hormone replacement, functional medicine, nutrition, and herbal therapy in a highly-customized, complementary, and integrated protocol.

April 22, 2019
Speaker(s): Freddie Combs, MD
and Erin Lin, DO
Title: Update on Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment

Dr. Erin H. Lin is a board-certified surgical oncologist who specializes in breast health promotion and breast surgical treatment.

Lin has expertise in both benign and malignant tumor lumpectomy and mastectomy surgeries, using techniques that minimize scarring and preserve skin and nipples. She is also skilled in intraoperative radiation therapy and image-guided minimal invasive biopsy.

Dr. Freddie J. Combs is a UC Irvine Health board-certified radiologist who specializes in the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Combs' clinical interests include high-risk screening, diagnostic procedures and breast density assessment. He has done research with the UC Irvine Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic, measuring breast tissue using diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging. He also is involved in research to improve techniques for localizing breast cancers prior to surgery.

May 20, 2019
Speaker(s): Faysal Yafi, MD and Ruth Benca, MD
Title: New in Newport Beach: UCI Health Men’s Health and Sleep Medicine Services

UCI Health is expanding access to its world-class care services with a new, state-of-the art medical facility in Newport Beach. Services offered include men’s health and urology, executive health, sleep medicine and behavioral medicine.

Dr. Faysal A. Yafi is assistant professor of Urology, chief of Andrology and director of Men's Health at UC Irvine Health. His practice is specialized in men's health, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, Peyronie’s disease, prosthetic surgery, male voiding dysfunction and male infertility.

Dr. Ruth Benca is professor and chair of the Department of Psychiatry & Human
Behavior at UC Irvine School of Medicine. She is widely published in the field of sleep and behavioral, and is an internationally recognized authority on the relationship between sleep and psychiatric disorders.