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Please join us for another exciting season of Library Live, beginning on Thursday, October 25, featuring Dr. Serge Dedina –– ocean conservationist, author and surfer. Following Dr. Dedina is Jonathan Bloom, journalist and author of American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It).

Dr. Serge Dedina
Thursday, October 25 @ 7:00pm

Ocean conservationist, author, and Southern California beach town mayor, Dr. Serge Dedina will discuss innovative ways being used to restore and protect some of the world’s most important coastal and marine ecosystems and the wildlife that thrive in them. From the kelp forests and blue whales of California to the mangrove-fringed whale birthing lagoons of Baja, to the coral reefs and sea turtle nesting beaches of Oaxaca, Dr. Dedina will share his collection of beautiful photos taken from his twenty years as a conservationist. He has an inspiring and hopeful story of how we can restore and protect our wondrous coastline and the everyday heroes who are protecting our wild blue wilderness.

This lecture is free.  Reservations are required.

Jonathan Bloom
Thursday, November 8 @ 7:00pm

40% of food is wasted each year in the US, while at the same time 15% of the population goes hungry. Jonathan Bloom has been researching this increasing trend in food waste for the past 13 years. His first published book, American Wasteland, sheds light on the history, culture, and mindset of food waste while exploring eco-friendly and sustainable-food movements. Exciting new trends will be shared that will inspire you to become part of the green solution.
Jonathan Bloom will be introduced by the nationally renowned chef, Bill Bracken, who left his position as executive chef of the Four Seasons hotel in Newport Beach to open Bracken’s Kitchen, a local non-profit focused on feeding the poor in Orange County by providing culinary training, food recovery and re-purposing. As a special treat, Bracken’s Kitchen will be serving gourmet re-purposed and delicious food at the end of Jonathan Bloom’s presentation.

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Watch a video about Bracken’s Kitchen

Rachel Devlin
Thursday, February 28 @

In the years before the Supreme Court struck down school segregation with its 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision, the struggle to desegregate America’s schools was a grassroots movement, and young women were on the front lines. As early as the 1940’s, parents and young girls were filing desegregation lawsuits. Author Rachel Devlin’s research
transforms our understanding of one of the twentieth century’s most important civil rights battles, set in motion by undaunted students. After years spent researching these remarkable women, she brings to us their powerful stories of leadership, bravery and a steely resolve to gain civil rights. Devlin reminds us of the courage and sacrifice they endured and how relevant their struggle remains today.

This lecture is free.  Reservations are required.


Susan Orlean
Thursday, March 21 @ 7:00pm

In April 1986, The Los Angeles Public Library caught fire. It was the biggest library fire in American history and most people didn’t even know the blaze occurred, with the news of the library’s losses eclipsed by the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown. Orlean is one of our finest storytellers and her account has been called “a true love letter to one of our most prized institutions.” The Library Book is a reminder of the importance of libraries, spotlighting the vital role they continue to play in our culture.

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The Steve Lopez program on January 25, 2018 was videotaped; available to Library Foundation members.

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